Great Success Starts With Hiring Great People

Alamon has become a leader in the communications / utility contracting industry by hiring great people and providing a work environment where they can thrive. If you are motivated to work, enjoy traveling, and have experience in the communications / utility industry, a career at Alamon may be a great choice for you. To find out more about careers at Alamon, contact us today.

Benefits Package

Medical Insurance

Alamon offers an exceptional benefits package, starting with free medical insurance coverage for employees once they meet our minimum time requirement. Good employer-provided medical coverage programs are hard to find these days, but we see this as an important investment in quality employees. Our insurance program is an excellent one, not the high deductible coverage that has become the new norm. We also offer coverage for dependents, but in this case there are costs involved.

Life Insurance

All qualified employees with medical coverage are also covered by a Life Insurance policy.

Paid Time Off

Alamon provides paid vacation time, paid personal time and paid holidays.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Our latest addition to the benefit plan is our Employee Stock Ownership Plan. This is another company funded plan that allows every employee the opportunity to participate in the success of the company.


When you add these benefits to a competitive wage package, Alamon is tough to beat. We also pay a per diem amount that meets IRS guidelines, designed to reimburse employees for their room and board, and mileage while on the road, to help compensate for transportation costs involved in reaching job sites.


Alamon offers a training program for people new to the industry, so call and see if you qualify! If you would like to express interest in a specific position please email your resume to indicating the position in which you are interested, your salary requirements and availability.