Battery Spill Containment Systems from Alamon

Battery Spill Containment is one of the most important components of any DC Battery system.  Properly installed and maintained, Spill Containment Systems protect people, equipment and facilities from potentially hazardous chemical spills. Alamon’s DC Power Services helps our clients make sure all Spill Containment Systems are up to date to keep employees and facilities safe, while […]

Come Visit Alamon at the 2019 Texas Communications Expo April 2nd-4th in Belton, TX

If your company is at the Texas Communications Expo in Belton TX this week, April 2-4,  please feel free to stop by the Alamon Booth and visit with Troy and Dan!  We’d be happy to share with you how our over 44 years of communications experience could help your team with builds, maintenance and repair!

Sweet Home Alabama

Alamon and The Hooker Company are partnering on CAF-II projects for Frontier Communications in Alabama. Alamon is installing the first of many Calix ODC-100 outdoor cabinets, outfitted with Calix equipment and capable of serving 96 subscribers. These compact cabinets eliminate the need for AC power at the site by accommodating remote power equipment, an area […]

Alamon to the Rescue

Alamon’s DC Power division recently came to the rescue for a new customer in Hope, Arkansas. Voicewave was concerned about issues with a newly installed power plant, and its fears were realized when a power outage caused the loss of DC power and equipment downstream. A skilled Alamon technician quickly flew to Arkansas, found the […]

Moving on to the Next

Alamon’s power division is wrapping up an environmental build for CenturyLink in Phoenix, adding seven Emerson battery distribution fuse bays (BDFBs) and 11 strings of batteries to a standby power plant. Our crews overcame obstacles posed by the project within strict daily time limits, as the high-security job required that workers be escorted onto the […]

DC Plant Transition Wrapping Up

Alamon’s southwest region power crew has been working on a transition for CenturyLink national in the Tucson, Arizona, area. The job included upgrading a 7 BDU to a new, reliable product that will protect the integrity of the network. We also transitioned the rectifier, distribution and alarm systems to a new Netsure 801. This made […]

Out with the Old in with the New

Companies of all sizes use battery systems to back up services and data, and to maintain power in the event of an outage. For maximum performance, batteries need replacing on a regular schedule. A worn-out battery can lead to leaking battery acid, toxic gases and in the worst case, explosions. Alamon offers battery-replacement services to […]

Hot-Cuts Hit Ohio

Alamon’s DC Power services improve the reliability and range of our customer’s power usage by installing new technology and updating outdated equipment. We recently deployed crews to Ohio to install battery string replacements and perform a full power board replacement with a hot cut. Our partner on the project is National Network Services (NNSI), who […]

Power Tips for Data Centers

Efficient use of energy is always a key factor in both data center and central office builds. Though these two environments serve different technological needs, they can use similar best practices in deploying and maintaining equipment for optional energy efficiency.   Alamon would like to offer tips from more than four decades of experience with […]

Meeting Demands

The demand for Alamon’s services in power and installation continues to grow throughout the telecom industry. We have recently started working with another industry-leading company on projects in Arizona and New Mexico for CenturyLink. Alamon Power Division technicians are working on battery swap-outs (ranging from 50 to 600 pounds per cell) and additions to add […]