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Utility Pole Inspection RFP Season

If your Utility is preparing a Pole Inspection bid/RFP for 2022, please consider adding Alamon Utility Services to your bidder’s list.
Alamon Utility Services Pole Inspection, Treatment and Reinforcement

See Alamon at the 2021 MECA Operations Conference

Alamon is excited to attend the 2021 Montana Electric Cooperative Association's Operations Conference this week in Missoula, Montana.
Alamon Group Photo Summer 2021

Alamon Summer Meetings 2021

Building the future now takes good planning and coordination. That's why members of Alamon's leadership team were in Kalispell, MT Aug 3rd - 6th for annual meetings.
Visit Alamon at the ICUA Annual Meeting July 21-23 2021 in Boise, ID

See Alamon at the ICUA Annual Meeting 2021

Alamon Utility Services looks forward to seeing you at the Idaho Consumer-owned Utilities Association Annual Meeting next week.
Alamon Utility Services

Pole Strength Upgrades

With the nationwide demand to expand and improve communications infrastructure for home offices, existing wood poles can be pushed beyond their maximum load capacities.
Alamon Utility Services Fire Hazard Inspection and Protection

Utility Services Fire Hazard Prevention and Protection

Spring months are the time for western region Utilities to think about summer wildfire prevention and protection.
Alamon Utility Services

Nationwide Utility Pole Inspection and Treatment

Alamon provides nationwide service for Utility Pole Inspection, Pole Treatments, and Pole Reinforcements.
Alamon Utility Services

Alamon IT/GIS Team – On the Map

Asset management for Utilities is a critical part of a modern…
Alamon Utility Services

We Dig Fall!

If your Utility is preparing a Pole Inspection bid/RFP…
Alamon Utility Services

Pole Reinforcement and Restoration

When a wood pole’s original strength has dropped below NESC…
Alamon Utility Services

Know Your Zone

A comprehensive pole inspection program starts with understanding…
Alamon Utility Services

Come See Us At The 2020 TechAdvantage/NRECA Trade Show

The 2020 TechAdvantage/NRECA trade show kicks off next week,…