Alamon IT/GIS Team – On the Map

Asset management for Utilities is a critical part of a modern grid.  Alamon’s IT/GIS specialists routinely package asset data to flow into our Client’s multiple GIS platforms.  Whether a Utility has a Pole Inspection project, and/or an Asset Inventory, Alamon’s teams can deliver accurate, consumable results out of the gate.  For more information on how Alamon can […]

We Dig Fall!

If your Utility is preparing a Pole Inspection bid/RFP this Fall, please consider adding Alamon to your bidder’s list.  We provide nationwide Pole Inspection, Treatment and Reinforcement services for IOU’s, Cooperatives and Municipalities, and would welcome the opportunity to provide a competitive bid to your organization.   For further information call 800-252-8838 or email

Pole Reinforcement and Restoration

When a wood pole’s original strength has dropped below NESC standards and/or state mandated public safety requirements, the pole must be replaced or restored. Alamon’s Pole Reinforcement programs help Utilities restore poles to code mandated strength requirements at a fraction of the time and cost of pole replacements. Reinforced wood poles with remedial treatments can […]

Know Your Zone

A comprehensive pole inspection program starts with understanding how geography and climate impact pole decay rates. Alamon recommends the use of the USDA’s RUS ‘Utility Pole Decay Severity Zone’ map as a guideline to how often a Utility should inspect their valuable wood pole assets.  For more information on how Alamon can assist your Utility with […]

Come See Us At The 2020 TechAdvantage/NRECA Trade Show

The 2020 TechAdvantage/NRECA trade show kicks off next week, March 2-4 in New Orleans LA. If your Electric Cooperative is attending, please stop by the Alamon Booth, #1854 to learn more about our nationwide Pole Inspection, Treatment and Pole Reinforcement services. Thank you, and Safe Travels!

New Year’s Resolution:  Longer Life and Higher Class…

Sorry, we can’t help you with your New Year’s diet resolutions. But Alamon can help strengthen your Utility Pole infrastructure by installing the American made PRS Pole Reclassification System® from LWS.  Many clients are increasing the strength of existing poles in order to attach new communications lines for the growing world of 5G and broadband. Instead of replacing a […]

Merry Pole Inspection!

Merry Pole Inspection RFP Season! In December, while many people are thinking about holiday gifts and decorations, Alamon Utility Services is thinking about poles…and not the North Pole. If your company is getting ready to send out a Pole Inspection ‘Request for Proposal’ to your vendors, please consider adding Alamon Utility Services to your list.  We offer […]

What’s up?… Aerial Engineering

Alamon’s Aerial division is working hard to help provide consumers with the newest technology in fiber optic networks. We assist our service providing clients in capturing the most accurate routing data from the field. Each utility pole is added to the cloud-based data and then analyzed for wind loads and vertical loads using consumer specific […]

NRECA Tech Advantage Tradeshow

March 11th through the 13th, Alamon Utility Services will be exhibiting at the NRECA TechAdvantage trade show in Orlando, FL. We look forward to again visiting with so many great electric cooperative people from across the country, and talking about our Pole Inspection and Reinforcement services.  If you find yourself in sunny Florida (we all […]

What’s On Your Pole?

Utility pole owners may not realize they could be losing out on revenue from cable or phone companies that have attached wires to standing poles. When was the last time your poles were surveyed for system attachments? Alamon offers customized attachment surveys, including basic attachment verification and call-outs, and identification of NESC violations. With the […]