Our Story

    Alamon Telco was established in 1975 as an installer of telecommunications equipment, but the company story began two decades earlier with a chance conversation in a Jud, North Dakota, restaurant.

    A young telephone installer from Automatic Electric Co. convinced Frank Gebhardt that a career in the telephone world was more exciting than farm life. So Frank joined the world of the full-time employed, enjoying the perks of regular lunches and coffee breaks. But more importantly, he received training on the cutting edge of technology and the chance to travel throughout the United States.

    In 1975, Frank and Peg established Alamon Telco, Inc. in Kalispell. The name of the company honors their roots in both Alaska and Montana.

    As his knowledge and skill set grew, Frank saw innumerable opportunities in the emerging telecom world. He showed his creative business sense by forming a small contracting company after seeing the need for temporary skilled labor to install telecommunications equipment.

    The fledgling company was a weekend proposition at first, with Frank continuing his weekday employment as a telecom technician. He was so dedicated to the new venture that he found himself flying off to the Alaskan wilderness from Fairbanks on Friday nights to work on a contract, only to fly back to the city before work started up again on Monday mornings. Those were often sleepless weekends.

    In 1966, Strowger Automatic Toll Ticketing (SATT) equipment became available, so Frank and his wife, Peg, moved to Kalispell, Montana, to work with the new technology. It allowed phone offices to upgrade and more efficiently handle an increase in telephone traffic.

    Then in 1975, Frank and Peg established Alamon Telco, Inc. in Kalispell. The name of the company honors their roots in both Alaska and Montana. Alamon began with contracting installation of telecom equipment and refurbishing step switch equipment. The like-new step equipment would be sold to smaller operating telecommunications companies who had not yet switched to digital equipment.

    In the early 1980s, Alamon developed a working relationship with Northern Telecom in California. It was a lucrative relationship, as Alamon received many years’ worth of contracts replacing older step equipment with new digital switching technology.

    The late 1990s turned out to be a golden age for the telecom world, and Alamon grew along with the industry, with more than 400 people working for the company at its peak.  Alamon even opened its own training center in order to ensure a supply of highly qualified technicians.

    At the turn of the century, Alamon determined that diversification was the best way forward. The company formed new divisions that cater to the wireless industry and offer engineering services and utility pole inspection and maintenance. The company also created a more focused outside plant group.

    With each new development, Alamon has maintained its core beliefs in doing the right thing for the customer every time, always offering high quality at a fair price.

    Alamon is continually looking for the best ways to serve existing customers and develop new clients. With a growing corps of committed, skilled and professional employees, the future offers endless possibilities.

    Why Alamon?

    Respected in the industry

    Alamon is proud to be the vendor of choice for major service providers and manufacturers throughout the utility and communications industries today.

    Certified Experience

    For over 40 years, Alamon has been providing proven, reliable workforce solutions to the utility and communications industries.

    Safety Record

    Alamon prides itself on performing quality work safely. Our training and education is priority one in an industry where working safely at all times is expected of service providers.