Drone Services

Drone inspections are safe, accurate and cost-effective

Alamon’s FAA Part 107 certified pilots can assist your company with aerial inspection services. Using the latest drones and drone-photography technology, we can customize our drones for your needs. Alamon’s drone program will be in compliance with FAA regulations and follow strict privacy policies to ensure we are only collecting necessary data.

Tower Inspection and Asset Tracking

Drones are an efficient tool for tower inspections. From our desktops we can gain a new perspective on tower auditing through video and still images taken from the drones. You’ll notice the cost savings vs. the deployment of a tower crew on your first inspection.

Construction Surveying

Our drone crews can assist with aerial imaging for mapping and surveying new or existing construction sites. With aerial imaging, we can perform asset tracking and progress reporting. Using drone technologies, such as Lidar or Photogrammetry, we can provide 3-D modeling for engineers and project managers.

Utility Inspection

Our overhead inspections using drones offer a vastly more efficient system and improved detail over inspections that previously required cranes or aerial workers. Drone inspections produce thermal and aerial images of utility structures, increasing visibility of the company’s assets and their possible failure points. Using technologies such as FLIR, the drone’s aerial capability can detect thermal anomalies that ground-based FLIR may not capture.

Microwave Line-of-Sight Survey

Drone line-of-sight surveys can alleviate the costs of cranes and crews and greatly increase the accessible range of inspection. Our drone cameras have been used for LOS surveys up to 15 miles away. Drones are also a great tool for capturing a 360-degree image of the area surrounding a tower. Use our drones to map the landscape of future tower locations in remote areas, or for photographing sites at which there is no structures from which photos can be taken. These images aid in early link planning to ensure that, once towers are built, line of sight has been established.

Data Collection

Through our IT team, Alamon can create a customized online database for the collection and storage of your critical data. We have a proven track record of data collection in our Utility Division and can use our database skills and experience for any purpose.