Alamon has experienced Engineers with the skills and background to produce quality Planning, Field Engineering, and Detail Engineering documentation. Our top priorities are providing quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Our Services

  • Planning, Field Engineering, Detail Engineering, Project Management, Turnkey Services
  • Visio/AutoCAD
  • DC Power Systems
  • Synchronization
  • OSS/Alarm Systems
  • Data/Internet/Voice/Video Networks
  • Environmental Buildouts
  • Asset Management
  • OSP Engineering

Why Choose Alamon?

Quality & On-Time Delivery

For over 40 years, Alamon has consistently provided the highest levels of quality, service and workmanship. By delivering our customers’ projects on time and on budget, Alamon takes pride in building long-term relationships that span decades.

Value for the Cost

Alamon gets it right the first time, at a fair price. Our vast industry knowledge allows us to bid jobs accurately — we know what it takes to get your work done. Our customers don’t have to deal with change orders for inaccurately bid jobs.

Service Protection

The biggest names in communications and data services regularly entrust Alamon with their networks. We have the technicians, equipment and expertise to seamlessly integrate the latest technology into existing infrastructure.

Planning Services

Whether you need a small equipment addition, or a complete system replacement, Alamon can help you plan the best solution.

Field Engineering Services

Our Field Engineers are well versed in all types of equipment additions, upgrades, or replacements. We utilize customer and industry specific technical documentation to ensure your project is engineering correctly the first time.

Detail Engineering Services

We currently provide Detail Engineering services to Verizon, Centurylink, and Frontier behind their firewalls and have the ability to adapt quickly to different customer requirements. Alamon can also custom tailor engineering documentation to meet your needs.

Project Management

Project Management is critical to keeping your projects on time and budget. Our Engineers can assist in project management or we can dedicate professional PM resources to your mission critical projects.

Turnkey Services

Let Alamon provide a turnkey solution for your upcoming projects. We have experienced staff that can provide planning, engineering, procurement, installation, test and turn-up, and even migrate your existing customers.


Alamon has in house experts in Visio and AutoCAD. We can incorporate drawings in our Detail Engineering Specs or provide standalone drafting services.

DC Power Systems

Small and Large DC Plants, Batteries, and Power Systems monitoring are critical components for keeping your network alive. Our DC Power Engineering professionals have been in the business for many years and provide the assurance that your project will be done safely and done right!

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  • VRLA and Flooded Batteries
  • DC Plant upgrades, replacements, and migrations
  • Converters and Inverters
  • Secondary Distribution BDFB and BDCBB
  • Spill Containment Systems
    • Lucent/Lineage/Tyco/GE Power
    • Lorain/Marconi/Emerson
    • Valere
    • Eltek
    • EEE
    • C&D
    • Enersys
    • GNB
    • Enviroguard


With a lot of manufacturer discontinued Synchronization equipment out there and only a few providers in the industry, it’s hard to know if you are getting the best value for your dollar. At Alamon we know synchronization and have the skillsets to provide a turnkey solution for you.

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  • Cesium Clock
  • GPS
  • BITS shelf additions and replacements
  • System upgrades and migrations
    • HP/Datum/Telecom Solutions/Symmetricom/Microsemi
    • Oscilloquartz

OSS/Alarm Systems

We have performed hundreds of switch/router upgrades and have upgraded many sites from the old E2A and DAS Alarm systems to modern, IP Based technologies. Whether you are monitoring equipment, building environmental alarms, or ensuring the security of your property we can help!

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  • Discrete and Serial Alarm upgrades and replacements
  • Environmental Alarm upgrades and replacements
  • Security Systems and Cameras
  • Equipment OSS system upgrades and replacements
    • Dantel
    • Quest Controls
    • Westronics
    • Datacom
    • Spectracomm
    • Applied Innovations
    • Cisco
    • Juniper

Data/Internet/Voice/Video Networks

From DS0 to ROADM to Ethernet networks, Alamon has engineered some of the most simplistic systems to very complex multi ring networks. To help you keep up with increasing network and broadband demands, Alamon offers turnkey services to maintain and upgrade your existing network infrastructure.

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  • DS0, DS1, DS3, and Optical Network additions and replacements
  • Video and Data Networks
  • Core and Edge additions and replacements
    • Fujitsu
    • Tellabs/Coriant
    • Adtran
    • Alcatel Lucent
    • Cisco
    • Ciena/Cyan
    • ADC
    • Calix

Environmental Buildouts

At Alamon, we have some of the best builders in the business. We pride ourselves on creating new equipment environments that are built with quality and craftsmanship that adhere to industry standards. We have the experience and history to provide a buildout solution that is flexible and adaptable for future equipment requirements.

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  • Raised floor environments
  • Above equipment cable rack/tray environments
  • Fiber Guide systems
    • Newton
    • Moreng
    • Panduit
    • TE
    • Chatsworth
    • Cooper B-line
    • CommScope

Asset Management

Asset Inventory and Removal/Recovery of manufacture discontinued and obsolete equipment is an often overlooked way to decrease your tax burden, and recover costs by recycling and reselling. As networks evolve we can work with you to manage your assets more effectively.

  • Database updates
  • System and drawing updates

OSP Engineering

The Outside Plant world is an ever changing environment that is necessary to deliver services to your customer, and support customer networks. CEV/HUT/Cabinet System upgrades, DC Plant upgrades and Battery replacements are a never ending challenge in the outside plant. Customers large and small have seen the value in using Alamon for their OSP needs.

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  • DC Plant upgrades
  • Battery replacements
  • Analog/Digital/Optical/Video system upgrades
  • Customer migrations
    • Nortel
    • Cisco
    • Adtran
    • Valere
    • Eltek