Fiber To The Home – ‘One Stop’ Drop & Install Specialists

By combining Drop Installs with FTTH Cutovers in the same appointment, Alamon delivers two critical ‘Last Mile’ services with one stop.  We work with Clients on a nationwide basis to perform a ‘One Stop – One Time – One Call’ service that provides their customers with active fiber service in one trip.  For further information on how Alamon […]

Expanding Fiber To The Home With Ziply Fiber

Alamon is pleased to announce our partnership with Ziply Fiber.  Ziply has selected Alamon to assist with their FTTH Backbone upgrades in 9 Pacific Northwest markets.  Alamon is excited to be providing Installation and Testing services to these projects in order to help Ziply deliver high speed internet to service areas covering Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Alamon Wireless – Rigged for Safety

When your office is up to 500 feet above the ground, you need to be prepared for every eventuality. Alamon’s Safety Program and Wireless Division are continuously implementing top of the line Tower Climbing and Rigging curriculum for our Certified Tower Climbers. Part of this curriculum is our important partnership with Pacific Safety Solutions to […]

Alamon IT/GIS Team – On the Map

Asset management for Utilities is a critical part of a modern grid.  Alamon’s IT/GIS specialists routinely package asset data to flow into our Client’s multiple GIS platforms.  Whether a Utility has a Pole Inspection project, and/or an Asset Inventory, Alamon’s teams can deliver accurate, consumable results out of the gate.  For more information on how Alamon can […]

We Dig Fall!

If your Utility is preparing a Pole Inspection bid/RFP this Fall, please consider adding Alamon to your bidder’s list.  We provide nationwide Pole Inspection, Treatment and Reinforcement services for IOU’s, Cooperatives and Municipalities, and would welcome the opportunity to provide a competitive bid to your organization.   For further information call 800-252-8838 or email

Microgrid Implementation by Alamon

The implementation of a Microgrid ensures power reliability for critical operations.  There is a wide range of Microgrid users, from Military Bases to Emergency Services and Private Businesses.  They know the value in continuation of service during an emergency or power outage.   Whether powered by on-site generation, energy storage or renewables, Alamon Energy Services helps our […]

Microwave Networks by Alamon Wireless

Point-to-point Microwave radio communication is a critical backbone of the cellular model.  By wirelessly connecting individual cell sites to networks, Microwaves move mass amounts of voice and data traffic over miles of open space where fiber is not feasible. From Microwave Line-of-Site (LOS) surveys to turn-up, major carriers across the country call on Alamon Wireless to install and commission their […]

Pole Reinforcement and Restoration

When a wood pole’s original strength has dropped below NESC standards and/or state mandated public safety requirements, the pole must be replaced or restored. Alamon’s Pole Reinforcement programs help Utilities restore poles to code mandated strength requirements at a fraction of the time and cost of pole replacements. Reinforced wood poles with remedial treatments can […]

Battery Spill Containment Systems from Alamon

Battery Spill Containment is one of the most important components of any DC Battery system.  Properly installed and maintained, Spill Containment Systems protect people, equipment and facilities from potentially hazardous chemical spills. Alamon’s DC Power Services helps our clients make sure all Spill Containment Systems are up to date to keep employees and facilities safe, while […]

Comprehensive Solutions for Your FTTH Needs

The ‘Last Stop’ of your network deserves the best.  Alamon’s certified and vetted OSP technicians can complete your vital end-user connections with outstanding Fiber To The Home services. Whether supplementing your workforce, or as a stand alone service, Alamon will help you connect your customers with courtesy and professionalism.