Know Your Zone

A comprehensive pole inspection program starts with understanding how geography and climate impact pole decay rates. Alamon recommends the use of the USDA’s RUS ‘Utility Pole Decay Severity Zone’ map as a guideline to how often a Utility should inspect their valuable wood pole assets.  For more information on how Alamon can assist your Utility with […]

Alamon Continues to Expand Its Battery and Energy Storage Systems Installation Footprint

Alamon continues to expand it’s Battery and Energy Storage Systems (BESS) installation footprint. Alamon recently completed a BESS Building project in Arizona, providing turnkey battery installations, as well as installing and turning-up the network communications systems needed for battery monitoring, controlling, and alarming. On the horizon are several BESS Containerized projects in California. Alamon works […]

Alamon Wireless provides Capacity Upgrades for COVID Medical Teams

When the US Naval Hospital Ship ‘Mercy’ and the UCLA Hospital system needed more communications bandwidth for dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, Alamon was there to help. We would like to recognize and thank our Southern California Wireless teams for their rapid response in installing several Capacity Upgrades that directly contributed to the efforts of […]

Thank you Medical Providers and First Responders!

Alamon would like to express our sincerest thanks and gratitude to all the people working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 battle. We encourage all of our employees and friends to send a ‘Thank You’ to a Medical Provider and/or First Responder that you may know.  These heroes are courageously putting themselves in the forefront […]

Thank You To Our Network Services Employees

Alamon would like to thank and recognize our Network Services employees who continue to provide their critical skills in keeping our nation’s communications infrastructure running. These technicians and managers are delivering important projects across the country, making sure that our phone, internet and wireless services are uninterrupted during this Covid-19 crisis.  Your hard work and […]

Alamon Delivers Fiber To The Home

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback from our customers in both Oklahoma and Texas, Alamon’s Outside Plant (OSP) department has been commissioned with adding more Fiber To The Home (FTTH) crews and Aerial Drop crews. The continued growth of Alamon’s OSP Department is due in large part to the dedication, professionalism, and quality of work […]

Alamon Supports FOSS!

Alamon’s software development efforts have benefited from Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and we are delighted to have engaged members of this community to enhance these software offerings both for the benefit of Alamon directly and for the community as a whole. This quarter we have engaged Ian Turtan of the GeoTools project to […]

Come See Us At The 2020 TechAdvantage/NRECA Trade Show

The 2020 TechAdvantage/NRECA trade show kicks off next week, March 2-4 in New Orleans LA. If your Electric Cooperative is attending, please stop by the Alamon Booth, #1854 to learn more about our nationwide Pole Inspection, Treatment and Pole Reinforcement services. Thank you, and Safe Travels!

Alamon Energy Storage Services

Alamon continues to focus on Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) deployment opportunities, working with leading Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) developers to provide advanced level cost estimates for Utility-Scale BESS projects.  Western states such as CA, AZ, NV, CO, UT and TX are pioneering the advances in energy storage, and Alamon is in the forefront of providing the skill sets needed to […]

Alamon is happy to introduce our partnership with Pathwave. Pathwave’s software platform has allowed Alamon to increase and improve safety processes, compliance reporting, as well as streamline our project’s standard reporting and job closeout processes. With hundreds of jobs per month to track, Pathwave’s digital documentation has revolutionized our traditional hard copy reporting and documentation. […]