Why Choose Alamon?

Quality & On-Time Delivery

For over 40 years, Alamon has consistently provided the highest levels of quality, service and workmanship. By delivering our customers’ projects on time and on budget, Alamon takes pride in building long-term relationships that span decades.

Value for the Cost

Alamon gets it right the first time, at a fair price. Our vast industry knowledge allows us to bid jobs accurately — we know what it takes to get your work done. Our customers don’t have to deal with change orders for inaccurately bid jobs.

Service Protection

The biggest names in communications and data services regularly entrust Alamon with their networks. We have the technicians, equipment and expertise to seamlessly integrate the latest technology into existing infrastructure.

Outside Plant Services

Fiber Splicing

Alamon can provide experienced, highly skilled Fiber Splicers for your next fiber project. Aerial, Buried and Underground scenarios are no problem for the Alamon Splicing team. Alamon has designed, constructed, and maintained telecommunication networks for a variety of service providers, and we support some of the most advanced fiber optic and copper networks in the country. We strive to evolve with ever-changing telecom technologies, developing solutions that help our customers provide the highest quality of services to their clients.

Alamon Outside Plant Services - Fiber SplicingOur staff understands the varying requirements of government, municipal, and residential work, and we have the ability to balance all aspects to keep projects on track and on budget. We’ve completed numerous FTTH contracts, helping to deliver integrated voice, video and data services, and higher bandwidths to rural and urban areas.

Alamon provides reliable, cost-effective solutions to meet current and future demands for just about any telecom need, and we can provide pricing on an hourly, firm price quote, or units basis.

Alamon’s splicing team can easily work with single-mode fiber, used for transport, or multimode fiber, commonly used for short distances and in businesses. Our technicians are also experts at ribbon or loose tube fibers.

If your job requires aerial, buried or underground splicing, we have the skills to manage any situation on any sized project. Our splicers are veteran technicians, so you can always count on an experienced team from Alamon.

  • Loose Tube
  • Ribbon Fiber
  • Single Mode
  • Multimode

Fiber Testing

Alamon Outside Plant ServicesAlamon’s trained technicians have the expertise to conduct all fiber-testing requirements, including fiber characterization testing. Our testing procedure evaluates the performance of fiber-optic components, cable plants and systems. Thorough testing is crucial to optimum performance of all components, including fiber, connectors, and splices throughout your fiber network.

  • 10 Gig
  • 40 Gig
  • 100 Gig
  • OTDR
  • DWDM

Alamon’s splicers have the following test equipment:

  • Optical inspection microscope, 100-200X video scope recommended.
  • Source and power meter, optical loss test set (OLTS) or test kit with proper equipment adapters for the cable plant you are testing.
  • Reference test cables that match the cables to be tested and mating adapters, including hybrids if needed.
  • Fiber Tracer or Visual Fault Locator.
  • Cleaning materials – dry cleaning kits or lint free cleaning wipes and pure alcohol.
  • Optional: OTDR with launch and/or receive cables for outside plant jobs and troubleshooting.

Fiber Characterization

Alamon Fiber CharacterizationAlamon offers advanced fiber testing in support of fast transmission speeds up to 100G, as well as advanced technologies including DWDM and CWDM. Fiber Characterization is designed to test the fiber plant to determine the integrity of the fiber and quality of the installation. Alamon can identify the best available fibers so they can be reserved for your high bandwidth customers. Alamon utilizes company owned state-of-the-art test equipment and expert trace analysis. If you want the best in the industry, call Alamon for your fiber testing needs.

Fiber Characterization Tests Available:

  • Optical Return Loss (ORL) readings at 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm and 1625 nm
  • Optical Insertion Loss (OIL) readings at 1310nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm and 1625 nm
  • Bi-directional OTDR readings at 1310 nm, 1550 nm and 1625 nm
  • Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) readings at 1550 nm
  • Chromatic Dispersion (CD) readings from 1475 nm to 1626 nm in 10 nm increments.

Test example documents for CD/PMD, ORL, OIL, and OTDR readings can be provided upon request. Please contact us at info@alamon.com.

Copper Splicing

Alamon is one of the few companies offering expert copper splicing services to keep your copper network in top shape. Our experienced splicers can work in aerial, buried or underground environments to perform maintenance, cutovers, rehab, toning, tagging or splicing of paper cable.

Our experience with classic splicing techniques, as well as our knowledge of the newest installation methods, are just a few of the many benefits to hiring Alamon, which has been serving the communications industry for more than 40 years.

  • Aerial
  • Buried
  • Underground Maintenance & Rehab

Fiber to the Home

Alamon Fiber to the Home

High Bandwidth fiber networks are fast becoming the industry standard for delivering more robust video, internet and voice services to homes and businesses.  And when Service Providers need professional installation and reliable build-out services, they call on Alamon. Our veteran Project Managers and seasoned installation crews are equipped to handle most any FTTX project nationwide.

Alamon’s Technicians have been on the cutting edge of Triple Play Services for over a decade.  Whether a project consists of the latest in fiber optics, or ties in with the more traditional copper, or coax cabling, Alamon’s crews have the experience and professionalism to seamlessly deliver connectivity to your customers.

Our longevity and reputation for quality have helped us foster partnerships with industry-leading suppliers, which allow us to offer high-quality materials at competitive prices.  Call Alamon today to see how we can help take the stress out of your FTTH projects.

Certified Triple Play Technicians

Trucks, Tools, and Test Equipment

Alamon is an industry leader in providing certified installation and repair technicians. Our crews are experts on every product they install and service. Alamon also emphasizes that each technician follow a strict customer-service protocol. Whether working in a home or business, our installers are expected to be friendly, polite and respectful of customers and their properties at all times.

Our technicians possess all necessary safety and personal protective gear, as well as appropriate tools and test equipment. They are also knowledgeable in Triple Play (Voice/Internet/TV) services for all FTTH technologies including cabling of CAT5e/CAT6/Fiber scenarios along with the ONT’s, Drops, and UPS, for testing and certifying of these services.

Internet Services

Alamon technicians can work with any style of Internet cable and we ensure that cables meet all certification requirements and manufacturer specifications. All cables are tested to ensure that they meet the specifications for the installation. We can adapt to any customer’s system needs within manufacturer guidelines.

Our professional technicians will do the cabling and termination of CAT5E or CAT6 cable, Fiber, Coax, and the installation of the associated modems, routers, and UPS for your home networking needs. After the installation and testing, we setup computers, set top boxes and educate the customer on how to use the new service.

Alamon Television Services

Television Services

Modern television systems are increasingly complex and Alamon technicians are thoroughly trained to install, test and educate our customers on their new services. For both in-home and businesses, we are experts at Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). Television services delivered through the Internet offer numerous advantages of streaming media and expanded content.

Connect America Fund (CAF) Services

Connect America FundThe Connect America Fund offers a great opportunity to provide the next level of technology for your customers. If you haven’t considered using a contracting company in the past, this is the time to give Alamon a try. You won’t need to hire and train staff specifically for a CAF project, only to let them go once the work is done. If you have used Alamon in the past, you know we are the right company for all your CAF needs.

Alamon has the skills and experience to fill any CAF project requirements. Our full-service company can take care of the following and more:

  • Site surveys
  • Engineering, planning and design
  • Site preparation
  • Installation of cabinets and equipment
  • Placing, splicing and testing cable
  • Integrating a completed product into the network